GP Summer Cup – All Teams of The First Stage Announced

On June 13-14, in Europe and CIS, there were two open qualifiers for the GP Summer Cup, where dozens of teams competed for slots in the first stage of tournament.

After the qualifications series during June 13-14, total 64 teams have passed to the first stage of the GP Summer Cup tournament which is being held on Esportal. Two open qualification rounds took place in Europe and CIS regions during the weekend. The participants were able to join both qualifications in order to get as many points as possible. Teams with the maximum sum of points have secured their slots in the upcoming division stage:

Gold – theboys, CAPSLOCK, Divine, H34T, Se7en Esports, Navi Youth, Majestygg, Z-Zombies;

Silver – 16avg, Botklickers, inkognito, INVALIDS, SKAgymmaBRB, Vicious Adikta E-Sport, 4EVERSTEEK, Cyberwolves, team-tt, DestructionDerby, iltron, BRBwidamitt (ex-vnkelslipers), famous5, S-Gaming, state21, SPassion (ex-kRip), ChemicalRush, c4od (ex-Black Sea), FLG, SpeedRunners, HA OTDbIXE, FRAGKNIGHTS, Access Denied, frank;

Bronze – High Coast Academy, Schweineaim, ett par mackor (ex-eMilias Anglar), AAvisst, HiGHLOWE, krosamos, KGS, Sibylla fylla, CReW Germany, Sportdryck, Birdcall, KriLLe o de andra, touch the crown, CLEANTmix, shishagaming, Tradekalas, Da-MiGhtY, 5EGGSS, Credo Esports, haschak, Krugetsi, GameInside, GUESSS, DontThrowGames, CSU, Husky eSports, KabanGaming, EXTREMUM, DontWar, ForsakenEsports, team-folus, Froward.