Esportal is launching Prime Matchmaking!

🌟 Esportal Prime CS:GO Match Making:🌟

Esportal is launching Prime Matchmaking!

Do you want to take your gaming to new levels and get matched with other more serious players? Then Prime is something for you! Prime Matchmaking has a stricter rulebook when it comes to game conduct; no smurf-accounts are allowed and usage of the in-game microphone is required. You also avoid getting matched with brand new accounts, and will play with established player with low drop-ratio and high numbers of thumbs up.

As a Prime-user your profile will have a completely unique appearance when you play on Esportal and gain access to special Prime-only tournaments with better prices to win.

What is PRIME?

Prime Matchmaking:Every match should be a great experience for all participants

–       Play with other prime players and other well established Esportal players

–       Smurf free zone, no secondary accounts allowed

–       Microphones are required to be used throughout every Prime game

Prime Tournaments:Increasing the overall quality of the tournament experience

–       Gain access to the Prime only tournaments

–       Improved prize pools

Prime Status:Display your commitment to better games and more fun to the community 

–       Prime badge visible to all other players

–       A general purple awesome experience

Priority Support:Get faster responses from our support team to any issues you may have across the platform

Get Prime today to enjoy the company of serious gamers and better games on Esportal –

After spending in principle the entire spring to gain stability on our servers and the platform we are extremely happy to present Prime as a new feature for our players. Prime is the leading feature in a long row of enjoyable features for the website. The Anti-Cheat Client is more stable then ever and the autumn will be covered with finalizing the features requested by our players. Following the release of Prime is a new rank and a line of other fun stuff. Following the summer we will continue with the development for our top-of-the-line tournament platform that will automatically generate the matches and handle walk-overs etc. When the tournament platform is completed we’re jumping on the larger features such as Ladders, 1on1, 2on2 new medals, re-take and deathmatch servers and more. When everything starts to fall into place we will start feeling ready to get out of the Beta stage!